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Alyssa Nelson

Maybe you are feeling weary from this life or lonely in your struggles. Maybe you have tried coping on your own and it just hasn’t been enough. Do you find yourself struggling to process the past and wonder how it is affecting you now?

No matter if you consider it a big or a small thing, I am here to partner with you in this season of your life. 


Whether you are a parent trying to improve your relationship with your children, a couple working on your connection, or a young adult transitioning to college and adulthood, I am here to process with you. 

Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship,

my hope would be that you feel known and heard as we gather the tools to move towards change. 

My name is Alyssa Nelson and together we will explore the uniqueness of your story as we create motivating goals for change. A background in ministry along with many cross-cultural experiences has given me a passion to see through your perspective and create a personalized experience. I believe that incorporating faith and finding purpose outside of oneself is beneficial towards wellness, and I would love to include this if you desire. 

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