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Est. 2008

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At House of Healing, we help people move and care for their bodies in healthy ways by offering a variety of modalities for connecting with us to seek wellness.  You can find yoga, Pilates, mindfulness tools, nutrition education, self-care, and more here.  You can practice with us virtually from anywhere or in person at our studio in Spring Branch at The District on 46. Ultimately, regardless of where you practice, YOUR House of Healing is a place that is both unique and universal: YOUR BODY.   Come practice with us any time!  House of Healing was created with the sole purpose of helping you feel happy, healthy, and whole. 


Empowering Connections Speech Therapy is a small privately owned speech and language therapy practice.   With experience treating a variety of communication disorders, our goal is to build effective and confident communicators who possess the skills necessary to interact and build lasting connections with others.    We offer individualized patient-centered sessions designed to address your child’s specific communication needs, along with parent and caregiver coaching/training.


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