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The professionals and businesses featured on this page are vetted and
work in collaboration with The Vine Wellness Group™.

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At House of Healing, we help people move and care for their bodies in healthy ways by offering a variety of modalities for connecting with us to seek wellness.  You can find yoga, Pilates, mindfulness tools, nutrition education, self-care, and more here.  You can practice with us virtually from anywhere or in person at our studio in Spring Branch at The District on 46. Ultimately, regardless of where you practice, YOUR House of Healing is a place that is both unique and universal: YOUR BODY.   Come practice with us any time!  House of Healing was created with the sole purpose of helping you feel happy, healthy, and whole. 


Empowering Connections Speech Therapy is a small privately owned speech and language therapy practice.   With experience treating a variety of communication disorders, our goal is to build effective and confident communicators who possess the skills necessary to interact and build lasting connections with others.    We offer individualized patient-centered sessions designed to address your child’s specific communication needs, along with parent and caregiver coaching/training.


Dr. Lindsey Olsen, DC, MEd   
Olsen Spine & Wellness

Olsen Spine & Wellness is a family run Chiropractic clinic serving the Bulverde/ Spring Branch area. At Olsen Spine, we specialize in correcting musculoskeletal aches and pains such as headaches, neck/ back pain, general stiffness, sports injuries, and pain from falls/ car accidents. Dr. Olsen also works closely with pregnant women, postpartum moms, infants, and kids. Our team offers a variety of therapies such as dry-needling, exercise rehabilitation, muscle stem, red light laser therapy, and myofascial work for a holistic approach to your healing journey. Our goal at Olsen Spine is to provide quality, customized care and to help you find the root cause of your discomfort and/or injuries. Additionally, we provide you with the necessary tools and education to take control of your health and wellness! You only have one body, let us help you live without pain!

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Method Wellness and Physical Therapy serves the San Antonio community by providing a path for individuals to navigate their wellness journey through and beyond physical rehabilitation. They offer a multitude of services to promote health, wellness, and longevity. Services include client focused physical therapy, personal training, yoga, and massage therapy.

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White Horse Holistic Health, established by Tavie Peters, FNP, is a clinic devoted to functional and integrative medicine, serving the Bulverde/Spring Branch area and the broader Texas community. The clinic's mission is deeply rooted in serving Christ by identifying the root causes of illness to help patients reclaim the fulfilling lives they once enjoyed. Tavie specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement for both female and male patients, gut health, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disease, and addresses chronic complex illnesses such as Lyme disease, toxic overload, PANS/PANDAS, and mysterious ailments. Whether through in-person visits or telehealth, a range of services is offered, including hormone replacement pellet therapy, functional lab testing, and Ketamine therapy, with IV services on the horizon. White Horse Holistic Health prioritizes giving patients the necessary time and attention and, as such, is currently unable to accept insurance for office visits. For those committed to transforming their health story, the clinic offers customized, individually tailored, comprehensive 5 month wellness packages. We understand. We listen. We care.

We look forward to serving you!


Community Partners





Located in the heart of downtown Bulverde, Smithson Valley Physical Therapy is not a chain PT clinic but a part of our local community. We put our patients and their care at the heart of everything we do, much like our partners at The Vine Wellness Group. In the words of our owner, Aaron Krejci, PT,  "We are REVOLUTIONIZING the physical therapy industry to the way it should be. Manual therapy, one on one care and attention provided. Where we are a practice before a business, about patients not profits."

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