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Erika Johnson

Do you ever experience intense emotional pain and anguish? Do you occasionally struggle with relationships due to intense emotional reactions and distress?


Handling intense emotions can be difficult for anyone and occasionally, we may develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and strategies to help us survive. Over time, these unhelpful emotional coping habits can be isolating and wreak havoc on our lives. 


My name is Erika Johnson, and I am a current Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student at St. Mary's University. I offer trauma-informed counseling through a Dialectical Behavior Therapy lens, and I can work collaboratively with you to lessen your emotional suffering. I come from the understanding that a lot of emotional pain and maladaptive coping skills come from trauma and one's inability to self-soothe. 


I am currently working as a social-emotional counseling intern at a local elementary school, and I have history working in care coordination at a psychiatric hospital. I grew up in a military family and was raised overseas in Germany. My history of growing while adapting to different environments strengthens my ability to offer counseling through a culturally competent lens.


Call to action:

Ultimately, I strive to help to break the stigma for individuals who feel things deeply. I want clients to know that there are no wrong emotions, but there are healthy ways to cope with difficult ones. Go ahead and schedule an intake with me to start on your journey of emotional wellness.


My passions include populations such as adults and adolescents struggling with emotional regulation, individuals with a history of trauma, and diagnostics.

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