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Haley Young, MS, LPC-Associate

Are you attempting to cope with a change in your life? Maybe a change in someone that you love? Or, maybe a change that needs to be made but you are unsure of?


Change brings challenge, confusion, and most importantly a learning opportunity that

is sometimes hard to navigate without someone to guide you. If you are looking for a

place that will consistently provide stability, support, and acceptance in a time of change,

then you are in the right place. 


Whether you are a couple wanting to better understand your relationship, an individual going through a new experience, or a parent who has noticed changes in your child, I am here to listen, accept, and support you. 

My speciality and passion is working with individuals, children, and couples going through relationship and life changes. I believe in the power of growth through change and working together to adapt and overcome. 


I believe that you are the expert on your own experience, so I take a person-centered collaborative approach. This allows us to build a strong therapeutic relationship, create a safe space, and allow you to have control of this environment. Together we can create a collaborative space that will allow you to

learn tools, skills, and confidence to adapt to change and look toward a bright future. 

Haley is supervised by Celeste Inman, M.Ed, PLC-S, RPT-S

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