Elizabeth "Lizzie" Duke, MA, LPC-Associate


Are you feeling hopeless? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Just ready for a change? 

Life can bring many challenges that feel out of our control (we’ve collectively faced a few in the last couple years). But one thing we can control is how we manage those challenges. In therapy you can voice your worries in a nonjudgmental space. You can learn skills to better your communication, work to overcome past traumatic experiences, identify your core values, practice setting boundaries with others, and find what drives you.

Why? Because YOU are worth it.

YOU are worth the time, effort, and energy that it takes to have a fulfilling life. 

Every person is unique, with different challenges, needs, and strengths. For this reason, counseling can look

different depending on the person, in order to best meet your goals for your counseling experience. 


Or maybe you are hoping to help your little one find a new normal. 

Raising a child is difficult. Being a child is difficult. All people feel emotions, but children often do not naturally have the language to communicate those feelings, or the skills to manage them.

Just like children need healthy food to grow physically, they also need new skills to grow emotionally. 

So, If you are at the end of your rope, hang on. I can help. 

Through therapy, your child can learn to identify and regulate their emotions and communicate their needs.

Children’s main form of expression and learning is through play, so I utilize a technique called “Play Therapy”

to teach grounding skills and self-soothing techniques, as well as many other skills your child may

need to conquer the emotional challenges of this life.