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Professional Presentations

In-Person CEU's and Company Wellness

  • Are you a mental health professional looking to accrue your CEU credits for licensure or licensure renewal?

  • Maybe you are a private company looking to help your staff or employees with their own mental health and wellness needs?

  • Are you a clinical supervisor looking to teach your supervisees about the art of private practice before they commit?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, our Professional Development services can help you meet your needs. With over 20 years of experience in the mental health and wellness industry, co-owners, Annie and Celeste along with their highly trained team, offer a wide range of topics to choose from. We offer them in a variety of platforms including in-person at your location, online or through a podcast. Listed below is a sample of topics that Annie and Celeste currently offer. Don't see your interested topic? Send us an inquiry below:

  • “Signs of Abuse in Children”                                                             

  • “Play Therapy In-Service for Professional Counselors”                     

  • “Separation Anxiety in Children”                                                      

  • “Stability for Children in times of change”                                       

  • “Children and Adolescence: Grief and Loss”                                                         

  • “Understanding and Helping Children with Their Fears”                

  • “Compassion & Understanding: Keeping Them in Mind with Teacher Child Interactions of Guidance & Discipline”                                                

  • “Caretaker Support”  

  • “Spotting Child Abuse: In-Service for Teachers”                              

  • “Why Children act out and Discipline”                                             

  • “Safely Navigating the World of Technology with your child”        

  • “Developing Emotional Maturity in your child”                               

  • “Developing Intrinsic Motivation in your Child”                        

  • "Creating a Culture of Open Communication”                                

  • “Relaxing as a Family”                                                                       

  • “Domestic Abuse”                                                                               

  • “Compassionate Discipline: How to set realistic expectations"

  • “Mental Health in the Schools: In-Service”        

  • “Helping Children manage Stress & Anxiety”   

  • “Emotional Coaching”

  • “Helping Guide the Rollercoaster of Emotions in Your Child”

  • “Childhood Anxiety, Depression, and Stress in the Home”

  • “Self-Harm and How to Respond”

  • “Talking to your Child about Divorce” 

  • “Disabling Relational Autopilot: Using Mindfulness in MFT work”

  • “Perfectionism” 

  • How to set realistic expectations, understanding behaviors and emotions and validation and responding

  • “Discernment Counseling: Is Divorce the only Option?”

  • “Holiday Traditions and Family Dynamics”

  • “Compassion Fatigue and Burnout”

  • “Clinical Supervision; Choosing a Supervisor”

  • “Choose your Practice, Choose your pay”

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Private Consultations

Private practice and clinical supervision guidance
  • Are you an LPC or LMFT-Associate looking to open your own private practice?

  • Maybe you're a seasoned clinician who is ready to venture into private practice but needs some operational tools to be successful?

  • Already in private practice but need to tweak your current system to make it more efficient?

  • Perhaps you are a clinical supervisor that needs a refresh on your current role as a supervisor?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then a private consultation by either Annie or Celeste is what you are searching for. With 20+ years of experience in private practice and 10+ years of experience as clinical supervisors, we can help you reach the next level in your career. Contact us to inquire about your individual needs and receive a personalized quote.


Services & Fees

for co-owners, Annie and Celeste only

Private Consultation Options 

  • half hour, a la cart

  • full hour, a la cart

  • 4 hour block (one block or use at different times)

  • 8 hour block (for use at different times, as needed)

Group Presentation Options

  • in-person presentation or by "zoom" platform

  • range from one hour to full-day/weekend retreats

  • Company Wellness/CEU's for Professionals


*variation in fees are due to experience, training, and certifications 


Counseling Fees ...............$175 initial / $150 session

Private Consultation ........$150 / half hour 

.........................................$250/ full hour

.........................................$900 - 4 hour block

.........................................$1700 - 8 hour block

Professional Presentations ........$250 / hour

...................................half day/full day upon request

Business Presentation