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Ryan Ybarra

I believe we all yearn to be seen and heard.  I work with couples on improving communication, reestablishing trust and respect.  I also work with individuals when the stress and anxiety in our lives gets us stuck. Sometimes, it just helps to share.  Other times, it helps to change vantage perspectives to find the doors ahead. 


My name is Ryan Ybarra. 

I am an MA Graduate Student and retired U.S. Marine. 

My faith and worldwide service provided me with a unique perspective

which guides my pursuit for empathic care. 

I can help you find insight about what your environment is telling you,  

understand your power and its limits.  

and identify the gaps and obstructions to self-improvement.  

I provide support at both the Jones-Maltsberger and Spring Branch locations. I am here to ensure you have a friendly and objective form of professional support.

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