Shannon Porter, M.MFT, LMFT

Are you unhappy with a relationship in your life- whether romantic partner, friend, or family member? You feel as though you are communicating very clearly, yet you are still speaking different languages. You try different things to fix it; talking more, giving each other space, or maybe saying, “we need to work this out now”, but that seems to push them further away. All of your attempts have led to feeling lost, disconnected and frustrated.


You wonder how you can continue this way; the increase of sadness, worry and stress is affecting the other areas in your life. You’re tired of it.

My name is Shannon Porter and I am here to help facilitate conversations that allow

you to feel heard, validated, and connected. On our journey together, we will evaluate different patterns in the relationship and enhance  communication skills for more fulfillment. We will also explore how to find deep, meaningful connections between you and your partner, friend or family member.


I cultivate a safe space to explore nuances of your relationship to ultimately help you unlock the strengths and answers you already have within you.