Shannon Porter, M.MFT, LMFT, RYT-200

​​You are feeling disconnected from yourself and from others; you feel the weight of the stress and notice it impacting your own mental and physical health; possibly even the state of your relationships. You’ve tried different healing modalities to cope and alleviate the stress, but it doesn’t seem to help. You feel lost, disconnected, frustrated and wondering how you can continue this way.

When we connect back to ourselves through therapy, somatic movement and yoga, we are able to feel the luxury of a deep exhale; we grow clear on our hopes and desires and have more ease communicating and navigating life’s challenges and stressors.

From here, we are also open and able to connect more deeply with our partner and closest loved ones- things feel like they’re finally clicking into place.


I’ve found power and beauty in utilizing mindful movement (Somatic Movement) and awareness of breath (Yoga) to come home to yourself and deepen the healing benefits of traditional talk therapy. Through the integration of inner and outer wellness, you are able to find wholeness again.

How does this work? I believe you already have the answers within you. I help you reconnect with your strengths and inner voice, rebuilding the connection to yourself, which can then blossom into to a richer, more fulfilling connection with your partner. Luxuriate in the essence of you, enhance your relationship, and find a more fulfilling life.

Somatic Movement individual sessions are available by appointment for individuals and Yoga classes will be available soon. Couples therapy sessions are available for scheduling now.