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Stephen Trotter, MA, LPC-Associate, NCC

What does your morning routine look like? Wake up, shower, engage in an imaginary argument with your partner, sibling, friend, teacher, coworker, or any significance in your life?


You find yourself storing emotional and mental ammunition, ready to go to war.


When you finally cross paths with that person you either

1) let it all out and explode, leaving the relationship in

shambles with seemingly irreparable damage, or

2) hold it all in and implode, allowing yourself to drift away from a meaningful relationship

and lose an important person in your life.

As your counselor, I will help you acknowledge the emotional and mental ammunition you carry.


I will help you process past personal wars and their aftermath, navigate current battles that are causing relational issues, and fortify you with resiliency when faced with challenges in the future.


I will teach you how to share your emotional and mental ammunition as tools for growth rather than as weapons of relational destruction. Let me help you on your journey to connect in a happy and healthy way.

Stephen is supervised by Annie Viers, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S

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