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Yoga & Somatic Movement

At The Vine Wellness Group, we understand the mind-body connection. 

Contact to reserve your mat for class, or book an individualized session with Shannon Porter, M.MFT, LMFT, RYT-200, our own Yoga & Somatic Movement specialist.

We're happy to answers your questions and help you fully heal.

Life in balance. Health. Healing. Growth.

Yoga Pose



1 hour Yoga Class - $10 per person


Thursdays 10am-11am @ TVWG San Antonio

Mondays 7:15pm-8:15pm @ TVWG San Antonio

*All groups are co-ed; If you prefer private sessions, learn more about our Somatic Movement offerings below.


Mindful Movement for Vitality

Join Shannon for an all levels based flow focused on breath centric movement. Through this class, you will learn mindful movement, grow in self-awareness and increase stress resilience. This class will open space to allow you to tap into a life of vitality. Available Thursdays 10am-11am @TVWG San Antonio. Consent form and payment due at time of class.

Mindful Movement for Tension Release

Join Shannon for an exhale of relief for your mind and body. This class is designed as a vinyasa flow that will help you feel grounded, open, and ready to receive peace. Through a series of nurturing breath centric
movement, relaxing music and soft lighting, these classes will leave you feeling refreshed and tasting the sweetness of an exhale. Available Mondays 7:15pm-8:15pm @TVWG San Antonio. Consent form and payment due at time of class.

Somatic Movement

30 minute individual session- $65

I hour individual session- $125


By appointment only. 

We each have unique needs.

With this in mind, somatic movement specialist Shannon meets with you individually for one hour to:

  • Lead you through breath-centric flows that are tailored to your individual needs and ability-level.

  • Provides practices to utilize at home to soak up the nutrients of your practice and enhance your life.

  • Offers guidance to help you continue to deepen your connection with yourself.

The individual-session format will allow you to receive the benefits of the physical practice as well as intentional, holistic practices outside of session and beyond.

Practising Yoga with Dress