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Allison "Ally" Walthall, MA
(Ally will be accepting clients in October 2023)

Do you feel stuck in a situation you can’t see your way out of?

Are you struggling to enjoy the things in life you once did?

Do you find yourself anxious and worried all the time?

Do you feel your marriage is hanging by a thread?

When you feel disconnected, out of control, afraid, unmanageable, overwhelmed, betrayed, at your end, rejected, insecure, anxious, depressed, or at a loss, there is hope.

A hope for healing, a hope for restoration, a hope for reconnection, a hope for renewal.

Whether you are struggling with issues in your marriage, need help navigating parenthood,

or are struggling with anxiety or depression, I am here to provide support and foster insight that assists

in bringing each client to a state of hope and healing.

My name is Ally Walthall and as a faith-based integrated counselor, I help clients discover God's transcendent nature, empowering them to live a more meaningful, authentic, and liberating life. Real healing occurs when we accept others as they are, meet them where they are, and have the self-awareness to be there for them in their journey. 

Ally is supervised by Annie Viers, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S

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