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Welcome to our Video Resource Library.

Welcome to The Vine Wellness Group™ Video Resource Library.  We carefully curate topics that are relevant to our clients and then share valuable information with you across informational video series.

Meet Danielle, LPC/LMFT-Associate
Child Therapy, Teen, Couples/Family

Danielle Clark, MA, LPC/LMFT-Associate, supervised by Annie Viers, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, discusses relaxation exercises..Watch and learn some new techniques!.

Meet Denise, Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate
Child Therapy, Play Therapy

Denise Flores, MA, LPC-Associate, supervised by Celeste Inman, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S, discusses the concept of an emotional bank account. Parenting can be hard but developing a few of these communication skills can help parents connect before they correct. Watch and find out how to create an emotional bank account..

Meet Lennie, Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate
Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy

Lennie Rodriguez, MA, LMFT-Associate, supervised by Annie Viers, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, walks us through the 2 things needed in a healthy marriage. What are they and how do you evaluate your marriage to determine if you have both or not? Watch and find out.

Mental Health Awareness: Flipping your Lid
Child Therapy, Teen anxiety and depression

Celeste Inman, LPC-S, RPT-S shares what happens to our brains when we dys-regulate. Healthy decision making is impossible during dis-regulation so how do we access the more logical part of the brain in order to make these healthy decisions? Watch and find out.

Mental Health Awareness: Couples Assessment
Couples therapy, Marriage counseling

What does a plant have to do with couples therapy? Watch this 2 min long video by co-owner and therapist, Annie Viers, LPC-S, LMFT-S about how she assesses the health of each couple and what makes couples counseling even more effective. 

Mental Health Awareness: Negative Self-Talk

Continuing with our theme of negative self-talk, Brittany Christiansen, LPC shares a metaphor in this 2 min video of how negative self-talk impacts our lives and why practicing alternative positive statements is important in stabilizing our mental health. Want to read more on changing YOUR self talk? 

Mental Health Awareness: Trauma Response

Jacilyn Bondy, LPC, LCDC shares what most of us think of as trauma  and offers other situations or experiences that our brain recognizes as trauma, as well. You might be surprised what you might learn about what our brain recognizes as trauma...

Mental Health Awareness: Dementia

Dementia has many signs and symptoms. Join Janice Zitelman, LCSW as she explains what caregivers should look for and what may be "normal" for aging folks and what may be cause for concern.

Mental Health Awareness: Perinatal Mental Health

Lennie is one of our Licensed Marriage and Family-Associates, supervised by Annie Viers, LPC-S, LMFT-S, here at The Vine. One of her specialties is Perinatal Mental Health and in this 2 min video, Lennie explains a little bit about the definitions, their symptoms and when treatment may be helpful. 

Mental Health Awareness: Communication Tips

Haley Young is one of our Licensed Professional Counselor-Associates under the supervision of Celeste Inman, LPC-S, RPT-S. Haley works with individuals and families which means communication tools are really important skills discussed in session. In this 2 minute video, Haley describes a tool that is extremely helpful in managing conflicts.

Life After High School, Part 1: College Readiness

How to know if your teen is ready for college and how to prepare both of you for this important transition. Join Annie Viers, MA, LMFT-S, LPC-S and Co-Owner of TVWG for this incredible series on supporting emerging adults

Life After High School, Part 2: The UN-College Guide

What happens when your teen wants to take a gap year or opt out of Higher Ed altogether (for now)? Annie's back with how to support your emerging adult and yourself through this important transition.

Life After High School, Part 3: Critical Conversations

The third and final episode in the series, Annie gets to the heart of the matter. Whether your teen is heading off to college, living at home for college, or using the Un-College guide and opting out altogether, this episode will guide you in how to have some critical conversations. 

Summer Parenting: The Check-In

Summer Parenting can be one wild ride. Whether you're a parenting missing a kiddo who's at camp or away for the summer, or leaning into the adventure, Brittany Christiansen, MA, LPC shows us that summer self-care is important too.

Faith-Based Co-Parenting

*Adapted from "Seven Beattitudes for Successful Co-Parenting" included as an excerpt from "I'm Not Your Kid: A Christian's Guide to a Healthy Stepfamily" by Kay Adkins

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