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Denise Turton, MA, LPC


I believe each person is unique and precious...but some days our behaviors or words we say can be intense and stop us in our tracks. We can loose our breath at the base of a mountain and not know where to start our journey. Adults and children can be at a loss of what their needs are or how to respond to new situations and places. I can help navigate that journey with you and your loved ones with play or talk therapy. 

Is it difficult for you to catch your breath with all the changes in your every day life? Are you and your loved ones experiencing unfamiliar emotions, behaviors or thought patterns? 

My name is Denise Flores-Guillen and I am here to help you breath new life into day to day experiences. Together we will find ways to create a sense of newness in the familiar to feel confident, happy and in forward motion. 

                       Want to learn more about EMDR for the treatment of trauma? Watch Video Here

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