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The Vine Wellness Group is a counseling center in San Antonio, TX established in 2008

Counseling Services

All our licensed counselors at The Vine Wellness Group are trained and certified in different modalities and approaches.  From play therapy to EMDR, Gottman couples counseling, EFT to Restoration Therapy, we have a counselor that will fit each client's unique needs.
Children playing

Children & Teens

Young woman considering counseling
Grace Nowlin

MA, LPC-Associate, LMFT-Associate

Young woman considering counseling
Madison Karasek

MA, LPC-Associate

Young woman considering counseling
Denise Turton


Young woman considering counseling
Annie Viers


Young woman considering counseling
Celeste Inman


Young woman considering counseling
Brittany Christiansen

MA, LPC, Spring Branch Site Supervisor

Young woman considering counseling
Lennie Rodriguez


Step 1: Assessment of Services

What is an Assessment of Services

Every parent that calls to schedule their child for counseling will first schedule an Assessment of Services with either co-owners, Annie or Celeste or Supervisor, Brittany (if the child will be seen in Spring Branch). This initial assessment utilizes the concepts of the Family Systems Model to evaluate the child's entire system and so we can understand the needs of the child holistically in order to create an effective treatment plan.

How long is the Assessment of Services appointment?

The Assessment is scheduled for 1.5 hours to effectively evaluate the family system and create a specialized treatment plan for your child/family.

Who is required to be present at the Assessment of Services?

Both parents, whether married, unmarried, divorced or separated, are required to be at the assessment of services appointment and any additional parent sessions that may be suggested as part of the child's treatment plan. There will be no exceptions.

Who will my child's counselor be?

At conclusion of the Assessment with either, Annie, Celeste or Brittany, a counselor will be chosen for your child based on location of office, specialties of the counselor and availability. Each counselor has their own therapeutic approach that they use in counseling sessions with their clients. Visit MEET US page to learn more about each counselor's unique approach to wellness.

Children and Teens

We use children's language of play to help them learn coping skills to adjust and deal with life events and struggles.

We help teens navigate their emotions, life transitions, and concerning behaviors.

Individual Adults

Adult individual counseling covers a wide variety of issues using evidence-based approaches.

Let us help you find the right match with the therapist who is best able to help you improve your life.

Couples & Families

Heal your relationship and learn evidence-based techniques to strengthen your relationship.

People don't live in a vaccuum; we live in society, and most of us are part of some sort of family systems. Family dynamics play a role in mental wellness. Family therapy can help.

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