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Annie Viers


Co-Owner, Clinical Supervisor, 20+ years

Are you living as if you are on autopilot?

The feeling of disconnection has taken a toll on your relationships and your career appears stagnant. Your attempts at resolving these feelings have not been productive, leading to feeling

defeated, tired and lost.

Your search leads you only to temporary moments of happiness which continues to perpetuate the growing feelings of disappointment with life.

You think, “I get life is ok, my relationship is ok. Do I just live like this or is my life meant for more?"


My name is Annie Viers and I help teens, adults, and couples move from “getting by” to re-engaging in life. 

I have enjoyed 20+ years walking beside clients to find insight, skill-based solutions, and heart-based healing. Together, we identify the barriers to living a fuller life and identify the steps in YOUR journey to living with intention.

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