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Celeste Inman


Co-Owner, Clinical Supervisor, 20+ years

Highs, lows, twists and turns; we experience the rollercoaster of emotions of life.

Do you feel like you’re riding along with your toddler, child or teenager, holding your breath for the next drop, or clenching tight for patience?

Maybe you and your child feel like your bodies are full of chaos, high emotions and a loss of control. Not only do you want to stop the ride but you’re ready to give up rides altogether!


My name is Celeste Inman and I help kids, teens and their families manage BIG emotions. By incorporating play therapy with younger children, activities for older ones or just talking with your teenager, I help your child feel, understand and manage their emotions in healthy ways.

In addition to working with your child, I provide direction and support to you as the parent; you are not alone on this ride. 

Whether identifying and addressing the root cause of their emotions or learning new skills to manage them, I would like to help you and your child embrace and eventually enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life.

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