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Lennie Rodriguez


Are you surrounded by darkness, lost in a dark room trying to find your way out?

Are you or your loved one struggling to find the light switch, open the curtains or find an exit? Have you maybe already found a way out of the obscurity, only to find yourself in a different dark place? It can feel like you are walking in the dark slowly feeling your way through, all the more, further injuring yourself along the way. It’s scary, cold, lonely and traumatic in there. 

You are not alone.


My name is Lennie Rodriguez and I am here to help you find a way out of that dark room and into the light where your heartache and struggles can bloom. I can help you navigate to more comfort and healing which will lead to your adjustment, re-investment and rebuilding of yourself. 

I am also trained in Perinatal Mental Health and would love to support you during this special time.

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light” -Madeline L’Engle

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