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Back to School: The Couples Edition

How to adapt your relationship to the new school year

It's about that time. Time for back to school! Time for school supply shopping and organizing busy schedules- is it actually possible to be in three places at once? Time for learning how to label weirdly-shaped things (I'm looking at YOU, band parents. Have you even lived if you haven't labeled a trombone case?) Time for the figure-outing of all the things because...that's parent life, right?

It's also time for your relationship to strategize for smooth(er) sailing this school year. Couples often forget to prioritize each other in the hustle and bustle of this transitional season, but this guide will help your relationship stay on track. This is Back to School: The Couples Edition.

Use this FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE (scroll for your pdf or screen shot this one!) as a guide from experienced, licensed marriage and family therapists and professional counselors from The Vine Wellness Group.

Back to School for Couples.FREE.DOWNLOAD
Download PDF • 287KB

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