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Couples Therapy Life Kit: Valentine's Day Edition

How to Survive Valentine's Day if Your Relationship is on the Fritz


Right after the Christmas Season wraps up, it seems like Valentine's Day is already put on full display. Gleaming aisles full of stuffed animals, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, and an ever-present push to plan something special for "that special someone."

But, where are the Valentine's Day candies and cards if you're not sure how your relationship is going? Walking through those same aisles if your relationship is hurting might be especially painful. Maybe you and your partner are even considering bringing in the support and guidance of a couples therapist, but Valentine's Day?? How do you even do that, if your relationship is going through a rocky patch?

Annie M. Viers, MA, LMFT-S, LPC-S and Co-Owner of The Vine Wellness Group put together the Life Kit your relationship never knew it needed.

I asked Annie, "What is one thing you want struggling couples to know about Valentine's Day?" In candid Annie fashion, she disclosed her personal dislike for V-Day, and then she shared this nugget:

"Focus more on the small, positive daily interactions than one big over-rated holiday as your measuring stick of relational wellness."



Interested in learning more? Contact us here.

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