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Help! My Teen is Struggling: How do I find the right help?


With so many options and platforms offering help these days, how does one know how to find the right fit for their teen or even themselves? When you see your teen struggling with life, we want to make it better. First step in that process is to know the difference between all the options available to you. Learn the difference in provider types, the pros and cons of using insurance, the therapy platforms used and finding QUALITY care.

* Click here for more reasons to consider paying privately.

All of our counselors have clinical expertise with most being faith-based providers. All with different specialties. BUT we are not always the best fit for someone. Let us help you start your journey to wellness.

Need help with finding that fit for you or your teen?

Contact us for guidance. 210-490-4419 |

Download your free resource: "Finding the Right Help" PDF below.

Finding the right help
Download PDF • 3.24MB

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