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How to Fiesta in Recovery

An interview and resource guide to see you through the 2021 Fiesta Celebration, safe and sober.

Fiesta San Antonio is one of the biggest events in Texas, if not the U.S. Spanning multiple days, the celebration ties in cultural, historical, social and other milestones in a fantastical celebration of parades, events, and drink. But, how do you get in on the fun of Fiesta, if you're someone (or in support of someone) who doesn't partake? Join us as we interview our own Jacilyn Bondy, MS, LPC, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor as she discusses:

  • What is the difference between sobriety and recovery?

  • Why is socialization important for those living in the recovery community?

  • Her role as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Chemical Dependency Counselor

Jessica Strom, BA, River Walk Duchess 2020-2021 also joins us to offer a treasure trove of family-friendly (and sober-friendly) activities to celebrate Fiesta without missing any of the fun. Her support of organizations like the San Antonio Junior League, Central Texas Epilepsy Foundation, and of course, Friends of The River Walk shows that there's plenty of community-based organizations who also support health and wellness-oriented Fiesta experiences. Thanks for joining us, Jessica!

Scroll down for your FREE PDF DOWNLOAD!

Live from The Pearl on the Riverwalk!

Jacilyn Bondy, MS, LPC, LCDC

Jessica Strom, BA, 20-21 River Walk Duchess



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