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New Year, New You. New Vine.

Here's to a New Year. New You. New Vine. You've landed at The Leaf, our new blog spot that brings you mental health and wellness related information and perspective. Get the latest on everything from Play Therapy, to a Couples Therapy Guide to Valentine's Day, Mindfulness for teens, and more! Subscribe to get these free resources sent straight to your inbox, or you can check out our shiny new website.

But first, You made it! Congrats on getting through the year 2020; the year that redefined what many of us do every day, how we do it, and how we pursue wellness (yes, even in the midst of a pandemic). Congrats on getting through the dumpster fires, the quarantines, the shortages of toilet paper. Congrats on celebrating the small stuff, which somehow became not-so-small stuff, like neighborhood playdates in the drive way and the virtual elimination of 90% of traffic and cursed commutes. Yes, you made it. Even though 2021 is a brand new year, just remember:

You're not starting from scratch. You're starting from experience.

So are we, here at The Vine Wellness Group. You may have noticed a few things a'changin. Like our new, second location of

The Vine Wellness Group in Spring Branch,

coming Spring 2021!

We can't wait to show you what's in store for our clients and wellness this year. We're introducing new staff members, new learners, new therapy groups and ideas. But not to worry, our roots of compassionate, person-centered care still run deep. We're still the same in many ways at The Vine Wellness Group, but we've doubled-down on what our clients want and need from us most:

Health. Healing. Growth.

So cheers to a New Year, a New You, and grabbing hold of a new Vine,

With Love, The Vine Wellness Group

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