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  • Denise Flores Guillen

Parenting an adoptive child can be a thrill ride!

Adoptive families utilize clinical service at triple the rate reported by families formed by birth. (Howard, Smith & Ryan, 2004); Vandivere, Malm & Radel, 2009) 

Parenting an adoptive child can be a roller coaster ride at times. Adoptive parents, foster parents or guardians intentionally choose a ride of elevated railways with steep inclines and descents that carry you through sharp curves with sudden speed changes and directions. I understand at some point in your family's adoption journey, the need for seeking support from a mental health professional is a strong probability. As an adoptive mom of four uniquely made children, my parenting has endured many thrills- exciting, frustrating, scary and loving. 

Results from two surveys by the Center for Adoption Support & Education (C.A.S.E.) (Atkinson et al., 2013) reported : 

81% of adoptive families reported seeking support from at least 1 mental health professional  25% noted their therapist had a lack of knowledge about trauma, attachment, loss, adoption language, or any real understanding of adoption 

Therapy can help the adoptee and their families: 

*exploring one's’ identity 

*telling child they are adopted 

*processing trauma, PTSD, abuse 

*Addressing behavioral disorders in adopted or foster children 

*working through anxiety, depression, addiction, or another mental health issue 

*healing attachment issues experienced by children or adults who were adopted and/or in foster care 

*supporting adoptive parents, caregivers, guardians in the adoption life cycle 

The Vine Wellness Groups hope is to make parenting more enjoyable and offer some healing and understanding with a family systems approach. As an adoption competent counselor, I understand the unique challenges your home may be experiencing with trauma, attachment and loss. Treatment modalities like trauma focused therapy, talk therapy, play therapy including filial and theraplay, EMDR & play EMDR may help with many of the mental health and psychological needs your adoptive family may be experiencing.

professional Woman leaning through a window
Denise Flores, MA, LPC-Associate

If you are looking for guidance in the area of pre-adoption/post-adoption care, reach out to Denise (supervised by Celeste Inman, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S) to add to your support team. To learn more about Denise, CLICK HERE.

To Schedule with Denise: 210-490-4419 or

Knowledge in attachment -specific therapy,

Skills in family therapy 

Trauma-focused modality (TF-CBT, DBT)

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