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Summer Family Prep Academy

Alert: Summer is Coming!

Though it’s hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through 2022, kids nationwide are counting down the days until the final school bell rings with the promise of summer vacation. While summer is a time filled with lots of memory making, it can also be an intimidatingly tricky scheduling task for parents and caregivers thinking, “What am I going to do with these kids all summer?!”

Deep breath, parents and caretakers: The Vine Wellness Group has you covered! At The Vine, the word “balance” is one of our favorites when talking about the summer. Adults can feel so much pressure to have the perfect summer activities planned; whether its keeping kiddos actively engaged, nurturing their minds, bodies, and social skills, or even just wearing them out- it’s almost like you’d need super powers! As the school year comes to a close, find time to recenter and remember: You have limits, boundaries, obligations, and responsibilities that exceed having the unachievable “perfect” summer!

So, how do we navigate this behemoth task? Balance. Summer is a new season that requires a new rhythm, so here are some ways to keep to the beat of a happy and healthy summer vacation!

  • While enrolling children in summer activities, remember: Quality over Quantity. By sitting down and providing options for your child to choose from, you are able to promote opportunities for mutual communication as well as the assurance that your kiddos are exploring activities that interest them!

  • Be intentional about scheduling time for physical activity! This is a big one for all humans, no matter the age. Vitamin D does wonders for your mind, mood, and body.

  • Quiet Time, Quiet Time, Quiet Time! Everyone needs time to decompress, including kids. Schedule time for kids to be in their rooms where they can read or play quietly by themselves- but this time is just as important for the adults, too!

  • Take time to connect together as a family. Whether its through intentional play or just watching a movie together, you are able to create a space that encourages time to communicate about emotions and day-to-day highs and lows!

Summer Family Prep Academy
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