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COMAL ISD Teacher Resources: Teacher (Wellness) Refresh 2023-24

The counselors at The Vine Wellness Group have observed a growing number of teachers and school staff struggling to manage the added responsibilities, the increasing mental health issues of their students, and the decreased funding and resources. Teachers and school staff are leaving the education world at an alarming rate. We felt led to help in any way we can to help teachers maintain their own health and wellness, not just at the beginning of the school year but ALL. SCHOOL YEAR. LONG.

The Vine Wellness Group partnered with the Bulverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce to sponsor their teacher appreciation events this August in Comal ISD. With this partnership, The Vine, and their community partners, are able to offer every teacher/school staff of all Comal ISD schools the access to exclusive services and resources to help our teachers maintain their health and wellness.

Open book with organic graphic above book referencing Teacher Wellness Resources
Comal ISD Teacher Wellness Resources

Here's how it works:
  1. Pick up one of our postcards during Teacher Appreciation Week delivered to your campus with goodies and treats, Aug 14-18th.

  2. The instructions to access the exclusive website and unlock the services and resources are included on the postcard.

  3. You must OPT IN to the Teacher Wellness Refresh Program in order to gain continued access to the deeply discounted services and resources announced throughout the 2023-24 school year.

  4. Once you OPT IN to the program, you can schedule your services (counseling, yoga, massage, physical therapy assessment, chiropractic services) through the links provided.

THAT'S IT!! There is NO commitment, NO buy-in fees, NO gimmicks, NO bate and switch. Use and access what you want, when you want.

NADA. NOTHING but resources and services to help you and your families that are accessible AND affordable!

NO INSURANCE NEEDED, all services accessible AND affordable WITHOUT insurance! Visit our "reasons to pay without insurance' to understand this benefit!

We are all here to help you build YOUR community to keep you healthy and well. Questions about this program? Visit us at or call 210-490-4419 to send us a message regarding this program.

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