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The REAL Self-Love

HINT: It's not narcissistic.

February’s accompaniment of heart-shaped themes, can remind us of past unsuccessful or non-existent love and may make it an unfavorable time of year, for some. But it doesn't have to be.

This month, challenge yourself to direct your attention to the most important person in your life... you! Regardless of whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, engaging in healthy forms of “Self-Love” can not only improve the relationship you have with yourself, but can also strengthen the quality and the confidence you have in your relationships with others.

The term self-love has taken on many meanings over the years. It is not meant to be thought of as conceited or narcissistic (which is what is offered as synonyms when searched) but meant to be a nod to self-compassion and healthy attention to self. If we don't attend to ourselves at all or even too much we have unhealthy extremes and therefore negative effects to our lives and relationships. Recognizing our own needs and desires helps us to stay balanced and healthy and to better communicate to our loved ones. This is the basis of REAL self-love.

Regularly practicing self-love and learning how to utilize constructive interpersonal skills, we are able to establish a solid foundation for which our mind, body and spirit can thrive.

Want to understand and learn how to improve this area of YOUR life? Contact us to get started. Any month. Not just February.

Download your free Self-Love PDF below!

Practicing Self-Love
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